Everything You Need to Know about Straight Hair

Everything You Need to Know about Straight Hair

It’s the nature of girls to love beauty. Many girls spend a lot of time changing their hair styles. Straight hair seems easy...it’s just straight, right? Wrong. There are different types of naturally straight hair, from fine and thin to thick and coarse, with pros and cons for all the ways hair can be straight.So if you have naturally straight hair or just like to straighten it from time to time, read on for all the tips + tricks you need for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.

1. Pros and Cons of naturally Straight Hair


It’s tough stuff! Due to a relatively streamlined structure, it’s easy for the natural oils from the scalp (sebum) to make their way down to the hair shaft, giving naturally straight hair all the nourishment it needs.
A mirror-like shine. People with naturally straight hair can skimp on the extra shine serum because the straight surface of the hair reflects more light, can be smoother, and thus shinier.
It’s easy to grow out. The hydration it gets from the sebum means it is less prone to split ends and breakage, bringing stamina and elasticity that snap back.


Void of volume. It’s often a challenge to retain thickness with hair spray alone. Naturally straight hair is usually quite smooth, which means it may need some volumizing help.
Easily greasy. Naturally straight hair follicles are smooth, so the sebum is more visible on top of the hair. 
 A hint of humdrum. While classic and timeless, straight hair also lacks the texture needed to give it some oomph.

2. Tips for Naturally Straight Hair

Do wash your hair regularly. While some people opt to skip shampooing for a day or two, regular washes ensure clean hair that won’t leave your locks limp and oily-looking.
Don’t overcompensate with products. Select products that contain natural ingredients and give your hair a healthy boost without sticky residue that can weigh down the hair over time.
Do use hairspray or finishing spray to keep curls intact. Maintain your styling by using product to hold curls in place. Also, comb through the hair with your fingers rather than a brush, if you want to separate for looser curls.
Don’t sleep on wet hair. This is one way to invite frizz or cowlicks that will be harder to work through in the morning.

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