The Most Suitable Trimmer to Give You the Perfect Trim

The Most Suitable Trimmer to Give You the Perfect Trim

The quest for the perfect beard isn’t easy. There are days in which your beard seems in control of you and not the other way around. 

As men, however, we have one major advantage: In this post will look at what is the best beard trimmer available, we’ll discuss things to look for when buying a beard trimmer, how to use a trimmer and the difference between a beard trimmer and other grooming tools. 

Before You Buy: 7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Beard Trimmer 

Rest assured, you’ll have plenty of options while looking for a beard trimmer. There are many types of trimmers on the market with lots of different features – from corded to cordless, the number and kind of attachments, and different settings.

Let’s take a look:


Before you check out beard trimmers, ask yourself how you intend to use the trimmer? Is it just for your beard, or will you also use it for your hair and other parts of your body?


little length setting


beard  other parts of your body
chest more length settings


There are advantages to both corded and cordless beard trimmers:

Cordless trimmers


  • More flexibility:because you can use them practically anywhere. 
  • Battery’s life for once: most cordless trimmers provide up to an hour of cutting time on a single charge, with the length of the charge needed to get to full power varying from trimmer to trimmer.
  • Cordless trimmers usually come with charging stations, or stands, and you can leave your charger in the stand until its next use to ensure a full charge.
Corded trimmers



  • Generally speaking, provide a little more power.  They also offer the peace of mind from knowing that your trimmer’s battery won’t run out in the middle of a trim.
  • The length of the cord may be important. If you’re seeking maximum maneuverability in your bathroom or another area where you do your trimming.



Many trimmers come with attachments that are added to the unit to achieve different lengths and different styles – such as a goatee – or include a stubble guide attachment that helps you achieve the stubble look that is popular among many men.


The length of your beard – medium, short, stubble – is an important factor when choosing a trimmer. Make sure that the one you choose as multiple length settings. Also, some trimmers are best for short hair, others with longer hair – and so on. The bottom line is that the trimmer you choose supports the length of beard you have.

Shorter beards     from 2-5 mm 
Medium beards up to 10 mm
Long beards 20 mm or more


Stainless steel, chromium, and titanium blades are longer lasting and more comfortable than other type’s blades. Many beard trimmers, including more expensive ones, have dual-edged blades that provide extra cutting precision (and enable you to fine-tune your beard more efficiently).


Many of the best trimmers are good for wet and dry use, i.e., you can both use it in the shower and/or with shave gels, lotions, and foams. Waterproof trimmers are usually easier to clean, as well. In most cases, you simply wash them with water from your faucet to remove excess hair trimmings. That kind of convenience is hard to beat.


The travel-friendliness of your trimmer is something to consider if you’re on the road a lot. Is the trimmer lightweight, compact and easily placed into a carry-on bag or another type of luggage? Portability is an important consideration in any case. Travel-friendly trimmers should also have a longer battery life while being easily chargeable. In most cases, a cordless trimmer is easier to take with you when you travel, but it needs to have an easy-to-access charging source.Hope this can help you to find the most suitable beard trimmer for yourself.

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